How to Fix a Leaking Caliburn Uwell

caliburn uwell

The caliburn uwell is a very simple all-in-one device that features a replaceable pod and dual airflow holes to deliver a truly exceptional flavor experience. It is powered by a 520 mAh battery and uses an internal coil for a very flavorful MTL (mouth-to-lung) vaping experience.

The battery caliburn vapes is made from aluminum alloy and has a sleek and compact design. The pod connects to the device magnetically and can be removed easily for refilling. The pod has a 3.5 mm wide filling port and can be filled with nicotine salt or freebase e-liquids. The pod is also equipped with a coil that can output up to 11W. The caliburn uwell has both draw-activated and button-activated firing so you can choose how you want to vape.

Caliburn Vapes Unveiled: Exploring the Features and Advantages

One common cause of leaking with the Uwell Caliburn is using an e-liquid with too much vegetable glycerine. Since the wick openings are small, a high-VG e-liquid can flow too quickly through the wick and flood the coil assembly, which leads to leaking. To prevent this problem, use e-liquids that have at least 70 percent vegetable glycerine.

Another common cause of leaking with the Uwell is puffing too aggressively. If you puff too hard, the air pressure can force excess e-liquid into the wick openings and flood the coil assembly. To prevent this, puff slowly and carefully when using the Uwell Caliburn. You can also try gently tapping the side of the pod against your palm to help drain any excess e-liquid.


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