How to Find the Best Breathwork Training Courses


The best breathwork training course teaches participants how to use breathing techniques to create a more connected and peaceful self. It helps people identify and release limiting negative core beliefs and creates fast and lasting change. Breathwork is a healing practice that helps people re-train the subconscious mind and release trauma.

Provide The Benefits You Desire

The training should also focus on the physiological, psychological, and spiritual aspects of breathing. During the course, you will learn how to assess a client’s breathing and apply verbal and physical cues to guide the client through a breathwork session. Moreover, the training will teach you how to assess the breathers’ energy fields and how much physical interaction is appropriate before and after a breathwork session. The training program should also develop self-awareness and teach you how to test your theories and practice them on yourself.

While it may be tempting to take breathwork training courses online, it is important to find a certified trainer who will work with you in person. Online training is becoming increasingly available and may be free of charge. However, it is important to remember that the training will be very much associated with the instructor, so you should do a lot of research on their philosophies, values, and approach to breathwork. Choose a teacher whom you respect and have faith in.

The Evolutionary Breathwork Instructor Programme is a comprehensive course that offers two years of instructor training. The course provides a variety of materials including written articles and video lessons. Moreover, it includes live calls and scheduled sessions. The course will also require you to attend three in-person retreats.


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