Heavy Duty Casters – 2000 Lbs Capacity

A caster is the critical hardware attached to the bottoms of carts, dollys or material handling equipment that supports the load of what is being moved. They can be found in a variety of industries including medical, automotive, warehouse and shopping carts.

heavy duty casters 2000 lbs  for heavy duty casters and they come in different wheel sizes and fastening options to fit a variety of applications. They can be fixed in a variety of ways, such as bolting to a floor, welded onto a cart, or using a locking mechanism.

Kingpinless Casters

Kingpinless casters are a great option for harsh environments or shock loads, as they eliminate the problem of kingpin failure. These casters feature a top plate and inner raceway that is constructed from hot forged steel, precision machined & hardened and welded (inside & outside) to the legs, for a one piece design that offers increased strength & mobility over traditional kingpin caster designs.

Maximizing Load Capacity: The Benefits of Heavy Duty Casters Rated for 2000 lbs

Hamilton’s Maxi-Duty casters are designed and built for the toughest applications. These casters feature premium forged steel swivel construction and can support up to 10 tons!

Pneumatic Series Casters

These casters have rubber pneumatic wheels that help provide a cushioned ride over uneven surfaces, over obstructions and in outdoor environments. They also have a shock absorption feature to equalize the load amongst all four casters, which helps reduce the impact on sensitive items being transported.

These heavy duty casters are made in the USA from high quality, heat-treated 3/8″ thick AISI 1045 laser cut steel and fully welded (inside & outside) & to the notched yoke base, delivering superior strength and smooth swiveling action. The kingpinless design eliminates the problem of kingpin failure, a leading cause of caster failure in heavier applications.


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