Excavating Near Me – What Is Excavating?

When you see a towering skyscraper or an urban infrastructure project in the news, your mind instantly flies into awe of the human ingenuity that went into creating them. The soaring majesty they convey is the result of an extensive series of steps, starting with land excavation and site preparation.Source: https://valleyviewexcavatingllc.com/excavation/services/contractor/

What is the reason for excavation?

Excavation is the process of digging, trenching, and other earthmoving to prepare a construction site for building or paving work. It typically uses heavy equipment like an excavator or backhoe and is required when building a new home or driveway, digging a basement or inground pool, or installing septic or gas lines. It may include land clearing, leveling, or grading, but some contractors price these services separately.

There are several types of excavation, and the type that is best for a particular construction project depends on the soil and ground conditions. The most common types of excavation are muck, earth, rock, and unclassified excavation. Muck is loose dirt that’s often found in wet areas. It can be easily disturbed by digging, so it needs to be removed before moving forward with a construction project.

Earth is a dense, solid soil that’s usually found in dry areas. It can be difficult to dig through and requires extra tools to break it up. It’s also more likely to have underground utilities running through it, which can make locating them a challenge for construction workers. For these reasons, earth is often removed using hydro excavation, a quicker, safer method that involves removing the soil with water rather than power equipment.


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