Crystal Meanings – Finding the Right One For You

Crystals are all the rage in today’s global wellness culture. Their use as healing tools for mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing has been around for thousands of years. They are believed to carry a unique vibration as living pieces of Mother Earth and imbue positive energy and healing properties. From lapis lazuli to citrine, every stone has a different meaning and is said to help with specific intentions — whether it’s amplifying your energy, encouraging self-love or providing protection.

But if you’re new to the Crystal Meanings game, knowing which ones have what purpose can be overwhelming. Fortunately, our Crystal Meanings guide makes the process of finding the right one for you easy! It’s a comprehensive guide to the many stone meanings and uses you may come across, including color therapy associations and zodiac signs. The best way to know which crystal is for you, however, is to follow your intuition and choose what feels like the right fit.

Crystal Clarity: Unveiling the Mystical World of Gemstones and Minerals

For example, blue crystals are often associated with love and prosperity. Amethyst is known as a master healer and is believed to balance the emotions, encourage inner peace, and help us let go of negative energies. Red crystals are also believed to inspire courage and strength. And if you’re looking to grow your love for yourself and others, then the purple-hued Lemurian crystal might be for you (it’s said to attract love to your life). There are lots of other crystals out there with special powers too, from agate, which helps you keep things in perspective, to rainbow obsidian, which is thought to boost creativity and intuition.


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