Brazilian Wax Training & Academy

The practice of removing hair using depilatories, wax or tweezing. This course provides hands-on training for the service provider who would like to increase their business by providing body and Brazilian waxing services. This one day workshop can be intense. It deals with sensitive waxing issues. When done correctly it can be the most rewarding part of your career. Your Brazilian Wax Training & Academy will be your most loyal repeat customers.

What qualifications do you need for waxing?

This advanced Brazilian Waxing class is for licensed estheticians and cosmetologists. The class is led by Dannielli Marcelino aka “The Queen of Waxing.” She was responsible for bringing the popular Brazilian waxing service to Phoenix, the city she now calls home. She is a true innovator in the industry. Dannielli is also considered a master Esthetician and has the ability to teach the most experienced waxers in the industry how to perfect their technique.

Dannielli’s unique techniques and teaching methods have made her a sought after instructor throughout the nation. Her passion and energy for waxing is contagious. Dannielli’s goal is to teach her students how to become the best waxers they can be. Her students will be the waxers that clients will drive miles to go to and will schedule appointments weeks in advance!

This state approved Brazilian waxing course includes theory and hands on training. A minimum of two models are required for the class to be held at our salon studio. The cost of the class includes a LYCON Cosmetics starter kit for waxing and a certificate upon completion.


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