Women’s Athletic Wear That Wasn’t Just For The Gym

Women’s athletic wear has a long history. However, it was only in the 1970s that exercise clothing became a mainstream style.

What do leggings protect against?

Today, the exercise-specific fashion market is a massive one. While it was originally designed to accommodate outdoor activities like hunting, swimming and tennis, a large portion of the industry is now devoted to indoor exercises as well, with the newest exercise apparel offering more options than ever before for women.

The latest workout attire is not only more functional but also more fashionable than ever. Whether you’re into a more minimal approach or a bolder, more colorful look, these women’s activewear brands have you covered with everything from sports bras to capri leggings and yoga pants.

What to Look For in Activewear

When it comes to athletic wear, the key is to make sure that it’s comfortable and fits you right. This means choosing fabrics that are soft, stretchy and breathable, which will help to prevent any irritation or discomfort during your workout.

What to Avoid in Activewear

Some fabrics are known as moisture wicking, which will move sweat away from your skin and into the fabric’s outer surface where it can evaporate. Drywicking, the newest variation of this technology, is designed to wick moisture and keep your skin dry while you’re working out.

As it’s become more popular worldwide, fitness is a major part of a lot of people’s lives. Whether you’re just starting out or a seasoned pro, these women’s sportswear brands have the styles and designs to suit your needs.


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