What Does a NACE Inspector Do?

What Does a NACE Inspector Do?

A NACE Inspector has the required training and certification to evaluate corrosion-prone metal surfaces. This certification inspector NACE can be obtained by completing one of many courses. In addition to the normal course, candidates can also choose from several specialty courses, which last from six days to a week. Specialty courses are typically more specialized in nature and focus on the specific application rather than the industry as a whole. These courses are typically available online. Once candidates complete the courses, they must pass a written exam and a computer-based test.

Pete Ross joined Level 3 Coating Inspection, LLC in 2015. He started as a safety inspector at a regional ironworker/painting contractor before becoming cross-trained in coating inspection. Pete later moved to a larger coatings company in the Midwest, where he rose to become ESH Director and QA/QC Manager. He earned his NACE Inspection certification and was appointed Instructor for the program in 2016.

A NACE inspector specializes in the inspection and evaluation of corrosion and coating systems. Certified NACE inspectors utilize statistical methods to evaluate the coating systems. Their objective is to ensure the efficiency and effectiveness of the coating systems they are inspecting. A NACE inspection is a vital part of a corrosion-management program, as it prevents critical equipment failure. However, there are many benefits to having regular NACE inspections. It can save you money and unnecessary delays by preventing critical failure and reduced efficiency.


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