Weed Delivery Has Gone High Tech

24 hour weed delivery Hamilton has gone high-tech, with many of Hamilton’s recreational dispensaries now offering same day weed delivery. The days of texting your local dealer are long gone, and now you can order online or over the phone with Hamilton’s top-rated same day weed delivery services.

The city of Hamilton has been permitted to trade Cannabis by the province of Ontario since 2023, and a growing number of Cannabis retail shops are popping up in the city. These dispensaries sell cannabis in a variety of forms, from weed buds to THC vapes and other accessories. The selection is always changing, with classic strains like Acapulco Gold and Black Diamond available alongside new additions such as Death Star and Ghost Train Haze.

Hamilton’s Green Savings: How to Score the Best Weed Deals in the Hammer City

Whether you want to smoke your weed on the go or you just need a quick hit of THC, the best way to enjoy it is with a vaporizer. These pens come in a range of sizes and price points, from Wonka pens with 1g of distillate to Gas Gang vaporizers that hold up to 2g. They are a great way to discreetly consume your favourite cannabis, or to share the experience with friends.

The city of Hamilton has strict regulations on the amount of weed you can have in public. In general, adults can possess up to 30 grams of weed in public, and each residence may have up to 150 grams at a time, so you need to keep your stash safely out of sight.


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