Types of Water Damage Equipment

Water Damage Equipment

For many home and business owners, the first step to restoring their property after a flood or other water damage is to get a professional water extraction company out there to clean up the mess. It is a crucial step in the process to avoid critical structural damage, mold growth, and other problems that could be costly to repair.

Besides removing the water extraction equipment | TMF Store , the restoration crew will also stop the flow of the unwanted water to ensure that the water cannot cause further damage. This is important because it will help to dry your property faster and prevent mold growth that can lead to serious health issues.

Water Extraction Machines 101: Everything You Need to Know About Removing Excess Water

AWGs are devices that extract water from ambient air using condensation techniques, such as cooling the air below its dew point, exposing it to desiccants or membranes that only pass water vapor, collecting fog or pressurizing the air. The rate of water production depends on the humidity and ambient temperature, as well as the machine’s capacity to cool the coil.

Extraction Tools

A professional water removal company will have many types of extraction tools that can efficiently remove the water from your property. These can include a variety of pumps, vacuums and fans.

Portable Vacuum Pumps

The Hydro-X brand of portable and truck mount extraction pumps are designed to remove water from structures and systems quickly, efficiently and safely. They feature a large capacity pump, powerful suction power and a heavy-duty motor that will stand up to even the most challenging jobs.


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