Planning House Extensions in Scotland

Adding space to your house can improve your family’s quality of life. House extensions in scotland also increases your property’s value, making it a smart investment. However, you must be prepared for the work to take time and effort.

How much do house extensions cost Scotland?

Getting professional design advice from residential architects can help make the process much more efficient and enjoyable. Choosing a trusted local builder is also important. They should be able to provide accurate cost estimates for the work involved in designing your home extension.

A Glasgow based architect will be able to offer you a range of different options for your house extension. For example, a loft conversion can add an extra bedroom and an en suite bathroom. This is often a cheaper option for homeowners who are looking to extend their living space.

The most popular type of extension is a conservatory, which is often made of UPVC and glass. This can offer a comfortable space to relax in and allows natural light into your home.

Depending on the scale of your house extension, you may need planning permission. You can find out if your project meets the criteria for permitted development by reading the Scottish Government’s Guidance on Householder Permitted Development rights.

If you are planning a larger extension, it is worth contacting your local planners or consulting with an architect before beginning any construction work. This is because the Scottish building regulations include detailed requirements for thermal efficiency and damp proofing, among other things. If you don’t follow these guidelines, it could result in your extension being considered an unauthorised works and your council may impose restrictions on the way that you use your new space.


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