Exponent Investment Management

Providing advice and investment management services to individuals and institutions. Founded in 1974, Exponent has a global presence and specializes in managing passive retirement income. Located in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada, this firm is well known for its turnkey personalized approach and focus on planning and implementation. Find out:https://www.ex-ponent.com

Exponent Investment Management has a very strong client base that includes high-net-worth individuals, foundations, family offices and institutions. Their investment approach is based on passively managed asset classes with minimal risk and maximum long-term returns. They also rely on disciplined rebalancing and a commitment to full transparency.

Exponent’s Investment Funds: A Closer Look

One of the reasons that Exponent is so well regarded is its commitment to transparency and accountability with clients. Clients can view their account information online at any time and are always on the same page when discussing investments with their advisors during phone calls or in-person meetings. In addition to its transparency policy, Exponent is also committed to a fiduciary relationship with clients, meaning that the firm will put its clients’ best interests before its own.

Exponent Investment Management recently released quarterly earnings and missed analysts’ consensus estimates. This news was not enough to boost the company’s stock, which remains under pressure from a number of factors. However, a positive trend in earnings estimate revisions could soon lift the stock. Using a tried-and-true rating tool like the Zacks Rank, investors can keep track of these important earnings trends.


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