Exclusive Metal Roofing

Exclusive Metal Roofing

Exclusive Metal Roofing

The most cost-effective, environmentally friendly and energy efficient roofing solution on the market today. Compared to other roofing solutions, including shingles and concrete, a metal roof is highly durable, low maintenance and lasts up to 50 to 60 years. Read more www.exclusivemetalroofing.com.au

Available in a wide variety of colors and styles, a metal roof can look just like the traditional tile, slate or wood shingle options you’ve seen in your neighborhood. There’s even a metal shingle that looks so much like a natural clay tile that most homeowners don’t realize it’s actually metal.

The Importance of Choosing a Professional for Exclusive Metal Roofing Installation

A more expensive metal style, stainless steel offers a serious visual punch that can be installed in a variety of colors and finishes to match the aesthetic of your home. It’s also super durable and can withstand weather extremes that would tear or damage traditional materials.


If you’re looking for a unique look that adds some character to your home, copper roofing is a great choice. This oxidized metal style has a beautiful patina that ages with the sun’s exposure and creates a warm, inviting atmosphere in any space it adorns.

Stone-Coated Steel

The most popular choice for commercial buildings, stone-coated steel incorporates zinc and aluminum alloys with an advanced acrylic formula granular bonding that prevents rust and corrosion. Besides its durability, it is a highly energy-efficient option thanks to its ability to reflect the sun’s UV and infrared light rays.

All of these advantages are the reason so many homeowners are making the switch to metal roofing for their homes. As a result, the metal industry is seeing a significant uptick in sales of their products.


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